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Thursday, April 30, 2009

tis past weeks neber blog cos everytime go out wif muii dear if not jiu shi he come muii hse so neber online lohx....suddenly feel tat im in love so much cos muii dear alway dote muii lots kekex...yue lai yue ai muii dear le lolx...muii frenz xiaoxian say muii neber blog lolx...not muii don wan is no online mahx haha....yeah muii next week may 7 off dae juz nice is muii n dear de 3 month...6 of may go vincent de chalet may 7 off dae got lots of thing to do lohx muz go buy jean than muii kor kor go sign m1 line for muii at nite go eat sakura wah busy dae haha...tat dae go meet ericia she buying her own hse liao wah all muii close frenz got marry liao when is muii turn!!!!!lolx....dear dear say gif him 1 yrs time than get marry haha....dear muii hope so okiess...cannot don wan muii okiess....kekex...tis few dae so tired cos everytime 3 plus 4 plus than sleep all muii hei yan quan come out liao lohx omg...veri ugly... =( cannot muii muz before muii 21st birthdae slim down become veri pretty....muii 21st birthdae wondering will it be muii best n unforgetful birthdae at genting...kekex....hao lahx muii go rest first le reali veri veri tired....missing muii dear dear....hugz....

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4/30/2009 09:48:00 PM

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ysterdae muii dear come muii hse sleep again haha but than he whole dae didnt sleep all the while playing muii computer....muii n him chit chat n watch online movie till 3 plus 4 muii go sleep cos veri tired still got work next dae than morning muii mummy wake muii up tat time told muii he didnt sleep whole dae muii go nag him lohx cos he told muii he will go sleep at 5am but he didnt...muii keep nag n nag him lolx...than morning he sent muii go work than pei muii go buy food eat le after tat muii jiu start work le...he go ps repair his phone than after he call muii say he later come fetch muii off work but muii ask him go hm sleep first....till 7 le muii msg him stll sleeping huh he nope reply muii thought muz go hm muiiself le but muii go beifing than he call at 8 say he come down nw...lolx...than wait for him reach le go eat nihon mura than he say eat abit jiu hao later going jb eat....in the end his frenz de gf neber go so muii oso didnt go lohx cos later veri ma fan lohx...dear suddenly ask muii being wif him muii reali will happi mahx...lolx...muii say he rubbish ...cos he will 24 hrs c muii laughting or make muii laught de n alway dote muii so much tat muii didnt expect de...muii won expect much ba cos everything leave to fate muii haf learn to believe tat if hes reali mine than is mine if not hw muii hold to it oso no use de mahx...tomolo after work still muz go yio chu kang wait for him off work cos after tat we going prawning haha dear say he cook prawn for muii eat lolx....hao ba muii go rest le damn tired lohx plus muii stomach pain pain.... =(

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4/14/2009 12:35:00 AM

Saturday, April 11, 2009

so sian......tat dae after posting muii blog dear jiu call muii say come find muii lolx...actually wan sleep but he come but oso gd got he pei muii not so sian...next dae muii off dae dear got work till 1030 lohx but thur muii off going drink cos muii honey come back spore liao so go kallang drink lohx...thur at kallang drink the whole martell got muii honey n muii dear onli n mr ab he run here n there lolx...after tat jiu go hm sleep liao abt 4 plus cos next dae muii got work...fri morning dear sent muii to work than he go pray his ah ma...than whole dae muii so xinku drink wat vomit wat oso cant eat lohx...sian...than still got meeting till 8 plus but dear say he come fetch muii cos going watch movie but in the end we neber watch cos alot of movie full hse if not jiu shi veri infront de so neber watch lohx...go walk around than go deposit money than dear veri funni lohx he show muii the reciept say he already save our money inside liao than say tat for saving our wedding money lolx...money is confirm will save de lahx will marry anot muz c dear dear liao le lohx...haha....than after tat jiu go hm liao we ysterdae so early sleep lohx cos both of us r veri tired le than morning dear n marmi wake muii up than he sent muii to work he muz rush hm change le cos he work at 12...so tired nw oso tonight will muii dear come again haha got ppl hugz muii but donno later c he got come mahx lohx...hao ba muii go rest le....

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4/11/2009 10:04:00 PM

Thursday, April 9, 2009

for few dae neber post muii blog le lolx cos neber cos online to blog...sun after work go hm rest cos headache than after tat quite late le dear dear suddenly call muii he wan come muii hse sleep muii jiu okiess lohx cos got ppl hugz muii sleep so gd lolx....after tat muii go back sleep dear dear using com lohx..next morning dear sent muii to work jiu go hm le cos he work 230 lohx...mon he go jb petrol oil than was after 12 liao somemore is sue ee honey birthdae than sent her birthdae msg...so qiao is muii n dear de 2 month actually after msg sue ee wan msg dear ask him but bubble gum for muii de than tell him happi 2 month anniversay but muii don wan c he will remember anot but he too tired le go reach hm jiu sleep liao cos he work 10 next morning...tue he late for his work lohx sleep like a pig...lolx...after tat his mood not veri gd cos can heard for his voice when he call muii but he neber say wat...in the afternoon muii msg him wats the date todae ahx he veri busy at work so neber reply muii after tat 6 plus he call muii ask muii wan go yio chu kang wait for him off work cos he off work at 8 than bring muii go eat muii say okiess...than he off work le go his hse first cos he wan change cloth slack at his hse than he play wif muii phone n c muii msg he scold muii muii afternoon bo liao ahx ask him wats the date for wat muii look at him than he say oh ya hor is our 2 month he oso neber xiang dao is 7th than he keep laughting...he say so qiao he neber thought is our anniversary n he ask muii out to eat n when he at work his kitchen auntie ask him he n his gf hw long liao lolx...muii dear so funny lohx... till 12 plus we go geyland eat frog porriage than after tat come muii hse sleep we toking n he playing com till 4 plus than sleep tis morning cannot wake up lohx veri tired got dear dear sent muii to work so gd haha...but muii dear veri tired lohx run here n there than still muz work 230 till closing...tomolo muii off dae going kallang drink cos muii honey birthdae n we so long haben drink liao so go there side order martell lohx...wah tomolo morning muz go do muii ic got to wake up early oso after tat going facial make muii eyebrown after tat go but muii honey de present at night so drink muii will be damn tired lohx fri still got work...dear fri than off dae neber mind got dear dear sent muii to work fri morning cos after drinking he come muii hse sleep... =) thanks dear for loving dotes muii so much...n thank iiu for the ring muackzz...i love iiu...muii go sleep le ba tired....nite

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4/09/2009 12:08:00 AM

Sunday, April 5, 2009

so tired todae....ysterdae went to powerhse club abt 2 plus reach hm cos veri sian n tired...muii dear oso neber go cos he headache...haiz...missing muii dear lot lohx...but he nw work there so busy n tired so we veri less meet up think thur than got meet ba cos we going drink at kallang...waiting for tat dae haha cos dear pass muii the ring yeah....happi...muii n dear going 2 month le still wondering wat present wan gif him...still got few dae to think kekex...wah muii still muz wait till thur than off dear fri off...=( muii going take some rest liao reali veri tired...tomolo still muz wake up early go bank....

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4/05/2009 10:48:00 PM

Friday, April 3, 2009

yeah back from muii work todae at abt 9 plus cos got meeting...todae meeting say jurong safra opening on tis mon mid or end bugis opening on may...oso donno when muii oso donno when going bk jurong later everytime last min de muz gif muii some prepare mahx...haiz....going bk oso donno gd or not gd but 1 thing at least muii go bk is recep 3 liao kekex...muii dear todae off work at 9 reach hm earlier than muii pig...wondering did he go collect our ring haha...oso neber ask him c will he forget anot haha =P onli 2 dae neber c dear dear already missing him so much hw wish he could hugz muii sleep everynite cos muii will feel so xinfu n sleep soundly wif him around muii....as dae go by love muii dear more n more cos he alway make muii laught alway say he love him he like to hugz muii so much haha...still remember he told muii he won make muii cry onli will make muii laught kekex...thank dear muii reali got no bf treat muii so gd like iiu do reali everytime being wif iiu or we chat on phone wif iiu will onli laught no stop lohx...remember tue after we go out than come bk muii hse iiu hugz muii kiss muii n told muii iiu won lie to muii de...reali hope iiu do it okiess...kekex...muii will believe in iiu unless iiu broke muii trust...dear muii won leave iiu de...waiting for iiu n muii to save enough money to get marry haha....but iits too early to say all tis cos we donno hw long will we be together...kekex...but muii love iiu lots...hao lahx stop here le going call muii dear dear liao.....

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4/03/2009 10:45:00 PM

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

todae off work jiu come hm le tired ysterdae 4 plus 5 than sleep....ysterdae off dae go far east pei dear dear buy cloth than after than we go ps cos got ticket c the movie DMC so watch 940 de show lohx after tat we walk walk at ps than at couple lab but ring kekex but after 3 dae than collect cos laser our name in the ring but is dear go collect cos nearest amk hub than dear live n work there onli haha...after tat we walk to ceni find sue ee cos she at there captain interview lohx than muii n dear dear go play billard at k pool haha...after sue ee okiess liao she go back cmt than muii n dear walk bk to ps...we watch the DMC damn funny lohx lolx...after movie go amk eat le dear dear sent muii hm lohx at dear dear stay at muii hse play game till 3 plus than go hm cos tomolo got work...kekex...missing muii dear dear ...muii go do muii thing le....

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4/01/2009 09:38:00 PM