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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Todae off dae went to west mall walk walk n buy muii sis de birthdae present the instant camera. After buying walk out of west mall to stop n the unlucky thing happen. Kana caught smoking indonesia cigrattee n being fine $500 cb damn Dulan n muii pack of cigrattee onli left wif 6 stick onli lohx but lucky is still hafing another at bag but neber check muii bag lucky if not is going to be $1000 omg...n is juz got muii pay ysterdae onli n todae kana fine lohx fuck tub is $500 lohx wah heart pain muii can buy alot of thing lohx...haiz n being nag by mummy cos is $500 plus muii bro oso kana total $1000 so she will nag donno till when lohx...later deardear come back nag n nag again muz put Cotton in muii ear le ...sian lohx $500 haiz...tat stupid ppl hao check bu check todae go west mall really so unlucky mood swung le....

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4/29/2010 11:37:00 PM

Friday, April 23, 2010

Todae went to orchard wif deardear...we took train go becos is raining so didn't ride bike...go Ceni eat pastamania after tat walk at ceni awhile we walk to taka...went taka to c muii lovely longchamp bag than was think wan tat anot cos ask deardear buy for muii veri long le...brought deardear to gucci,coach,Burberry to c whether nice anot taka was quite less choice so went to paragon to c but end up these 3 was not reali muii like de compare to lv n longchamp so walk back to taka...than bring deardear back to longchamp to c the bag was thinking which size n colour to buy...actually wanted to buy blue but no more le for med size de so brought black de...was quite heartpain but over all love it cos wanted the bag for quite long le finally deardear buy for muii =) after tis donno muz wait hw long than can pester him buy lv for muii Liao cos lv more ex plus muii want tis longchamp bag onli $222 muz pester him so long than got lv more worst lohx =( walking at taka juz nw saw a girl hand taking 2 big bag of gucci n she still shopping looking for bag n her hand was holding lv bag ...muii thought was she ownself buy de like rich girl in the end saw her holding a uncle n she was asking him to buy another 400+ de bag than muii told deardear chey yuan lai is the uncle buy de lolx... Cos the both of them don look like rich ppl n the girl look like those geylang women like tat...=x but okiess lahx Xian mu the girl cos can get wat she wan n r all branded stuff lolx...haiz tomolo working 1530 to 0000 sian muz wait till next Thursday n friday than off le....was thinking where to go Liao haha....over all work earn money save still important cos of oct rom still think where to hold n hw much to spent don wish to spent tat lots -_- hao lahx muii deardear sleeping like pig le but muii still awake going muii lalaland le nite nite =)

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4/23/2010 03:22:00 AM

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Todae working night shift so tiring....stupid dear dear was being spare all the way so gd lohx but okiess lahx at least he was at muii zone haha....todae was muii honey birthdae but cannot attend sorri honey got to work will make up for iiu soon okiess hugz....long time never club Liao veri sian lohx muz find 1 real dae go club soon miss clubbing wif all muii darling honey n aiai the dae we alway go club wed n sat every week non stop....nw working casino reali no time to go out lohx....but okiess lahx at least tis job was so relax haha....gonna stop here sleeping time still got to work later at night n I'm still here blogging haha ....

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4/07/2010 12:09:00 PM