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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today 2nd day of working okiess so far so gd haha jiayou...need to clear all invoice by tomolo as need to do closing...so everyday all juz do invoice invoice hai shi invoice lolx...so tiring lohx but don wish to sleep so early =( brought tibit go office eat kekex.. i reali feel so comfortable in tis office to work as all so firendly and when ask them thing when they r busy oso won gif face and still teach iiu hw to do =) but sometime ren hen nan jiang de lolx...ysterday whatsapp wif dar so funny toking about some weird ppl haha..still waiting for my dar to come out meet me damn damn freaking long neber meet her le we muz plan to go shopping drink and everything real soon haha =)ok i going to do my facial nw liao cos getting more n more cui =(

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11/29/2011 10:03:00 PM

Monday, November 28, 2011

today just started my new job =) so far still ok director boss all friendly haha...but is quite a busy company as it is food industry.Got to do lots of invoices.Don like to do the invoice for RWS & Cold storage de so mafan..lolx...but no choice hu ask they order so much and its big company.Work busy oso gd the time pass damn fast.Today my director so cute she bring me around to c and our warehouse is open building which we need to take lift to 12 floor and cross over.She than in the morning bring me walk over and suddenly she told me if iiu wan smoke can be smoke here oso i was than laughting away.So far i find it okiess than all my past job althought is much busy than before.This week work 9-6pm yeah can sleep later.but next week onward work at 7-4pm shag muz wake up damn early liao.I was veri stun that there order is non stop de lohx and keep doing and doing all invoice for tomolo de delivery they each day reali onli can do finish the following day order iiu cant even start to do the next next day order even hw fast iiu do.but over all busy but happi tis company so far no fuck face no LJ de ppl but is onli my first day so donno lahx we shall c.Hope all don fake lohx than i can work long long.Sometime is veri sian to work in a enviroment wif all fuck tub ppl de wan find a gd office oso hard.If i born to be rich jiu hao don need work haha...ok lahx shall go rest wait for my deardear to come back and later 10pm sleep =)

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11/28/2011 08:24:00 PM

Friday, November 25, 2011

is been long time seen i update my blog lolx...ysterdae 24th Nov 2011 went to HDB to select unit =) we got it 21st floor yeah damn happy.finally got our own house =)it will be ready on yrs 2015.Already thinking hw to deco our new hse lolx...after select unit le went to expo IT fair and deardear got me a lappy was like sibei happi haha...sian lahx mon 28th Nov 2011 starting my new job le hope everything goes smooth for me ok.. =) Muz save damn lot of money and everything le..Today whole day nua at hm surf net c got wat show c...gonna spent my weekend like siao if not monday start work le gonna work and work again... ok lahx shall continue to blog tomolo again =)

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11/25/2011 09:51:00 PM