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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tis week working nite shift tired =( come back sleep after bath remove make up n etc.till 6plus pm woke up by the noisy sound cos muii father was Drilling hole from muii rm to muii bro rm.muii korkor brought new CPU n the old de move to muii rm n nw muii rm got computer Le haha.thanks to muii korkor but still need to buy computer thing muii own of cos lolx...wan to buy web cam mickey mouse keyboard n mouse etc. Jux nw c doctor n took mc cos muii whole back was so pain like cramp like tat after tat went to mustafa to buy speaker cos computer no speaker n cost muii $43 =) if got money going to buy a larger monitor =) nw can watch muii taiwan show 爱 Le =) im going sleep Le so tired ...

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5/23/2010 10:22:00 AM

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Todae went jb petrol n eat wif deardear Regina n xianming short n quick trip =) ysterdae went to c doctor for slimming kekex....actually the doctor don wan gif cos I'm not over weight but request for it n in the end got it =) reach hm n took the pill it make muii don feel like eating anything at all c food felt so sian...lolx...it's gd to make muii stop eating n it's reali time for muii to slim down =) todae onli eaten half bowl of porridge n half of egg prata tat all kekex...but ysterdae got a hard time to sleep cos due to the pill will cos muii hard to get sleep n was thinking if still eating when I'm working hw I'm going to get to sleep it will be veri tiring...mummy oso say if like tat if iiu working hw I'm going to eat the pill....but no choice hu ask muii want slim Wei le pretty muz do it lolx....tat wat ppl call 爱美不要命...Tomolo Daniel birthdae going eat steamboat donno muii can eat alot anot haha ..deardear keep asking muii tomolo muii can eat alot anot muii say donno c hw lohx... =) thurdae working nite shift got extra money earn le n hope our July leave approve so tat muii can go genting gamble at casino =)

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5/19/2010 03:09:00 AM

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Todae went to west mall again cos korkor n yuquan go collect their wedding ring at sk.the ring look nice n quite special =) they gonna rush on their thing soon cos prepare rom on 23 may.lolx they will be reali busy n tired got to work n find thing need.5 more month will be muii lolx.but muii haven started finding anything lolx onli asking around the pricing n packages kekex... Think got to prepare real soon if not everything will be veri rush n tired.tomolo got to wake up early cos work 1130 n muii deardear still outside not hm to hugz muii sleep =( later hai muii cannot wake up lohx...he say tomolo coming fetch muii off work kekex than muii don need take mrt Liao haha.so bored no show watch nw oso donno wat time he will be hm lohx...idiot... Eye pain lohx think not having enough sleep =( sian.... Going watch scv le.....

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5/01/2010 12:22:00 AM