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Saturday, December 3, 2011

not reali gd mood tis 2 day...sian...tat dae pam msg me ask me still remember Adeline ?? i asked which Adeline and she told me tat Adeline last time we hang out together de which say everytime say iiu n her look alike and got the same name de and i ask oh ya y?? and was told tat she have pass away due to car accident and is on 1st dec 2011 newspaper wan bao..and i go take the newspaper and read and is really her =( when reading tear falling damn ke lian she still young and y like tat..suddenly everything from last time when we hang out together play together and everything we do together flash out.I still remember our frenz alway call adeline and we both will turn around and keep laughing. So prevent from calling wrongly adeline they call xiao ade(Her) da Ade(me) as i 1 age older...still remember knew her throught kecheng they all we alway go his hse swimming complex for billard jurong west 496 jp etc...when we first met we didnt talk and kecheng and frenz say hey she oso call adeline refering to me and told me the same thing lolx...our reaction was keep laughing and say orrh....and we become frenz tat alway hang out together wif few other suzhen yuting they all... she a veri sweet and nice gal.. although we lost contact wif each other but still having each other fb to update our life...neber knew tat ppl ask me abt her and was to tell me she have gone.. is neber a gd feeling... she stay young lot of thing she haven even done and like tat...my mum told me tis all r fated.. the bf onli minor injury and she was gone.. the car was being crashed till jialat..we all donno wat reali happen when tis accident occur and i c alot of ppl blaming the bf..i think Adeline won wan to c tis... just let her R.I.P to be happi in another world..if the bf reali love Adeline and feel gulity he will admin everything etc he speed and tat y lost control or wat..partly is oso the road work didnt cover.. wth is tat...i think they should reali faster investigate n get back to her family..

亲愛的 Adeline Sim

我会永远记得想念你漂亮可爱的样子。。你一定要一路走好,在另外一个世界开开心心的。。來世还要做你的朋友。。love iiu and R.I.P my dear gal...

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12/03/2011 08:42:00 PM